A Rosé inspired by nature

“Fleurs de Prairie" Côtes de Provence celebrates the wildness of the landscape, reigned over by beautiful wisterias and the fields of lavender, poppies and sunflowers that carpet Provence. This wonderful region also abounds with places of admirable but little-known beauty and breathtaking landscapes.

Mother Nature flourishes in the boundless variety of flowers, each more resplendent than the last. Orchids and wild clematis, valerian, honeysuckle, dog-rose, mimosa, broom…

To taste Fleurs de Prairie rosé is a little like enjoying some me-time, travelling through Provence the Beautiful, floral, colourful, at once aromatic and warming.

The jewel of Provence

Provence is a land bathed in light where warm, welcoming Mother Nature offers a rainbow of colours to those who stop and linger. The home of rosé wines since ancient times, the vineyard stretches from the Varois hinterland to the shores of the Mediterranean. Today, they can be found on tables around the world. Rosé wines from Provence are a byword for excellence, French chic and the gentle way of life in the South of France.


of its wild countryside, of a thousand hills, scattered with fields of lavender, thyme and poppies, this wine instantly evokes the unique aromas of Provence.

The art of living in Provence

Mythical terroirs IN WHICH TO FLOURISH

Spurred by our ambition to create a balanced, delicate rosé, a true reflection of the richness of Provence, our house oenologist, Noémie Delavigne, prepared the ground by selecting various terroirs according to their potential to produce great quality. The majority of the grapes come from upland plots situated around the Montagne Sainte-Victoire, in gently sloping hillside vineyards, renowned for their extraordinary freshness.

We then chose plots in the Haut Var, where the fertile soils add density and depth with luscious notes of honey and almond.

All of the terroirs selected for Fleurs de Prairie underwent a painstaking selection process by our oenologist for their quality, as well as their commitment to the environment.

Passion shared all together

Fleurs de Prairie was born from the passion of men and women for this land, from the desire to safeguard and pay tribute to it.

From vinification to assemblage THE SUBTLE ART OF THE WINEMAKER

Vinification is conducted in such a way as to respect the aromatic potential of the grapes and the imprint of the terroirs. Picked in the middle of the night when the outdoor temperature is still cool, the grapes are treated with the greatest of care. They are then gently pressed in order to obtain an elegant, pale colour in rose petal shades. Attentive fermentation at low temperature releases the complex range of aromas while preserving the wine’s freshness.

« This is a delicate task, blending a patchwork of wines capable of expressing the subtle palette of a Côtes de Provence, at once fresh, expressive and delicious. »

Noémie Delavigne, winemaker

Read more about Noémie Delavigne


A unique iconic bottle

The bottle was designed with the generosity of the region in mind to showcase an extraordinary rosé, a real jewel ready to adorn any summer table. It is a tall bottle. The gently curved and generous glass is etched with wild flowers and the minimalist label stands out, reflecting the full elegance of this cuvée. Fleurs de Prairie embodies the vision of a wine in step with its times. Its modern, elegant packaging contains an enjoyable, light and aromatic wine, capable of winning over the hearts of novices and connoisseurs alike, the perfect companion whenever it is enjoyed: as an aperitif or with a meal.

  • light
  • scent
  • elegance
  • greediness
  • aromatic
  • rose petal
  • personality
  • balance

For each and every occasion A FLEURS DE PRAIRIE ROSÉ

The ideal companion to an aperitif with tapas, Fleurs de Prairie is also excellent with a meal as an accompaniment to shellfish, seafood and fish delicately dressed with a drizzle of olive oil, a traditional Provençal vegetable tian, or fruit desserts composed of melon, strawberry, rhubarb or even luscious peaches.

Serve at 8-10°C. The fresh aromas of this rosé are best enjoyed within a year.


Tasting notes

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